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Date Title
21-Aug-2011 Market Update 2011
6-Mar-2009 Market Update 2009
31-Jan-2006 Market Update
18-Jul-2005 Six Years of Trend Detection
20-Jun-2005 The Bubble Indicator - Revisited
23-May-2005 One-to-One Substitutions Rarely Are Complete
18-Apr-2005 The End of the Internet Rush
21-Mar-2005 The Price of Oil Revisited
21-Feb-2005 NASDAQ's Share of the Market
17-Jan-2005 Our Need for Hydrogen
27-Dec-2004 Atlantic Tropical Hurricanes and Kondratieff's Cycle
22-Nov-2004 Forecasting the DOW via the Divisor - Revisited
18-Oct-2004 Biotechnology Stocks
20-Sep-2004 The Coming of Age of the US
16-Aug-2004 Nanotechnology Stocks
19-Jul-2004 A Date for Globalization
21-Jun-2004 The US Presence in Iraq
17-May-2004 Is the NYSE Overvalued or Undervalued at Present?
19-Apr-2004 Construction in America
15-Mar-2004 The Gay Movement in America
23-Feb-2004 Energy Crisis and Women's Fertility
19-Jan-2004 Magnetic Levitation Trains (Maglevs)
15-Dec-2003 The Halloween Indicator - Revisited
24-Nov-2003 A Medium-Range Forecast for the DOW
20-Oct-2003 The American Economy Revisited One Year Later
22-Sep-2003 Blue Chips
25-Aug-2003 The Hubble Space Telescope
21-Jul-2003 Bush's Chances for Reelection
23-Jun-2003 Merrill Lynch
19-May-2003 S.A.R.S.
21-Apr-2003 Supersonic Air Travel
24-Mar-2003 The Evolution of the EU
24-Feb-2003 Iraq and the Price of Oil
20-Jan-2003 Gold: Price vs. Production
16-Dec-2002 Forecasting Terrorism
25-Nov-2002 The Bubble Indicator
14-Oct-2002 The American Economy
16-Sep-2002 Forecasting the DOW via the Divisor
19-Aug-2002 The Internet
15-Jul-2002 Energy Needs
17-Jun-2002 Moore's Law
20-May-2002 As the New DOW Becomes of Age
22-Apr-2002 NYSE's Long "Hot" Winter
25-Mar-2002 Household Financial Assets
18-Feb-2002 NYSE and the Efficient Market Hypothesis
21-Jan-2002 The Argues for Europe's Future
17-Dec-2001 Energy and Society
19-Nov-2001 Oil Prices, Energy Consumption, and the Stock Market
22-Oct-2001 Microsoft Revisited
17-Sep-2001 The Missing War
20-Aug-2001 Success Stories
23-Jul-2001 World Climax
18-Jun-2001 Megatrends in Disarray
21-May-2001 Where Are You on the Curve?
23-Apr-2001 A Precocious American Economy Must Now Pay the Price
19-Feb-2001 Is there a Bubble or a Market Dip at the NYSE Right Now?
22-Jan-2001 What Does It Take for the DOW to Pick up Again?
18-Dec-2000 The NASDAQ as an Ecosystem
20-Nov-2000 The Halloween Indicator
16-Oct-2000 Will Putin Fix the Russian Economy?
18-Sep-2000 The Price of Oil Revisited
21-Aug-2000 Airplanes, Aviation Technologies, and Our Need to Travel
17-Jul-2000 Natural Gas Replaces Oil
19-Jun-2000 Is There Going to Be a Stock-Market Crash?
22-May-2000 Dow's Own Little NASDAQ
24-Apr-2000 What Is Happening to the NASDAQ and the NYSE?
20-Mar-2000 Have Bonds Said their Last Word?
20-Feb-2000 The Likelihood of Microsoft's Break-up
17-Jan-2000 What Kind of "Species" are IPOs?
20-Dec-1999 A 2nd Lease on Life
22-Nov-1999 What is Gold up to?
11-Oct-1999 Who is Pulling the Strings on the Price of Oil?
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