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Where Are You on the Curve and What to Do about It

This software package from Growth Dynamics addresses four fundamental questions:
  • (A) Where am I on the curve?
    This is done in a number of different ways ranging from the simplest to the most sophisticated.
  • (B) What should I do about it?
    Once the position in the season is determined, the user obtains gjuidlines on the strategies most appropriate for this season.
  • (C) To what extent are my rational initiatives and my emotional disposition in harmony with my position on the curve?
    Two questionnaires will feed back to you on the appropriateness of your intellectual initiatives and your emotional understanding of the situation. Alternatively, the two questionnaires can be used to fine-tune your position in the season.
  • (D) How do I fit an S-curve to my own data in order to have an accurate determination of my present position, the remaining growth potential, and the life cycle.
    In this section you can fit an S-curve to a given set of data and consequently also determine the season of the present position. At the same time you obtain the life cycle, market penetration, and remaining growth potential for the growth process in question. Once an S-curve is determined you can estimate the probability of reaching a higher (or a lower) ceiling. Reliable historical time series data are required.

    Except for (D), the user needs no familiarity with number crunching or EXCEL.

    The three books by Theodore Modis Predictions - 10 Years Later, Conquering Uncertainty, and An S-Shaped Trail to Wall Street are included in the package as PDF files.

    Price. A professional user licence costs US$500. For non-professional home use and academic institutions a 50% discount can be applied.


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