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Theodore Modis was born in Florina, a small town in northwestern Greece. At the age of eighteen he won a full scholarship to study in the USA. He received a Master's degree in Electrical Engineering and a Ph.D. in Physics, both from Columbia University, New York.

Before founding Growth Dynamics in 1994, he worked at Digital Equipment Corporation as the head of a management science consultants group for over ten years. Previously, he spent 15 years carrying out research in particle-physics experiments at Brookhaven National Laboratory and Europe's CERN.

He is author/co-author to over one hundred articles in scientific and business journals and ten books translated into several languages. He has on occasion taught at Columbia University, the University of Geneva, the European business schools INSEAD and IMD, and the leadership school DUXX, in Monterrey, Mexico.

He has delivered many keynote speeches on a wide range of topics always maintaining a Big-Picture perspective.

He lives in Lugano, Switzerland.

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