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Here are some of the business questions addressed at Growth Dynamics:
  • When exactly is the best time to launch a new product or invest in new ventures?

  • How should ways of decision-making evolve as a company moves across its cycle?

  • What can be predicted? How much choice do strategists and managers really have, and when?

  • Is it possible for a company and its customers to "co-evolve" and adapt to meet each other's needs? And what can a company do to ensure this crucial "co-evolution"?

  • Where are you on the curve and what to do about it?

  • How can a company (or an individual) ensure another high-growth season after the inevitable lull?

    The methodologies have been cast into a number of interactive workshops, executive-training courses, and tools, such as:

    The Power of Strategic Evolution. A half day event for CEOs, high-level managers, strategic planners, and decision-makers in general. It determines the remaining growth potential, the time of the turning point, and the effectiveness of strategic initiatives.

    Competition Management. A one day custom-made work session for people who spend money in advertising and image building, and for product managers. Play scenarios on altering your image or dropping your prices. Assess the adequacy of your advertising budgets.

    Event Enhancement. A custom made survey coupled with an interactive session will enrich any conference, symposium, forum, or large meeting. It adds value and excitement by getting the participants involved and by tapping collective conscious and subconscious knowledge.

    Where are you on the curve? An EXCEL-based questionnaire coupled with an off-line analysis gives you feedback and advice. It can equally well serve the needs of strategists, marketers, or human resource managers.


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