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Where are you on the curve?

Who should read this. CEOs, marketers, decision makers, and human resource planners.

What it is. An EXCEL-based questionnaire followed by off-line analysis and a half-a-day workshop.

What it does. Determines the position in the "season" you are traversing; measures and assesses strategic performance.

The method. Based on Chapter 2 from Conquering Uncertainty, it gives feedback to each participant on the performance of his/her intuitive and rationale decision-making. Strategic initiatives can be checked for coherence with the position in the "season". Fruitful discussions typically emerge in the workshop.

Benefits to your business. You will be able to:

  • Get feedback on the appropriateness of your initiatives and intuitive understanding.
  • Decide on whether you will trust more your instinct or your rationale in the present situation.
  • Timely prepare for the next growth cycle (optimize your chances to put yourself in "spring" again).
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