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Competition Management

Who should read this. People who spend money in advertising and image building. Marketers and product strategists.

What it is. An analysis of market and internal data followed by a half-a-day made-to-measure work session concerning your image, advertising campaign, and pricing policy.

What it does. In a quantitative and custom-made way, it will: Determine the competitive roles in your market (who is prey, who is predator and to what extent). Rate the effectiveness of alternative advertising messages. Assess how adequate an advertising budget is. Determine the price elasticity Offer the possibility of playing scenarios on price moves.

The method. The analysis employs biological models and unique cross-discipline techniques. During the work session scenarios are played on-line. The method incorporates theories such as Darwinian competition, chaos, and complexity. It benefits from experience and successful track record.

Benefits to your business. You will be able to:

  • Get more for your money spent in advertising.
  • Decide what image will do more for you right now.
  • Take timely action to change the competitive roles in your favor (e.g., from prey to predator).
  • Explore alternatives to price dropping.
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