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Download 'A Second Lease on Life'

Did you know that Mozart died of old age!

You can determine Mozart's life curve with the software package below. You can also pinpoint the period in Mozart's life when he could have launched a second career and thus insure a second lease on his life. Mozart made such an attempt with the Dissonant Quartet in C Major, K 465, in 1785 (see discussion in Conquering Uncertainty). But music lovers of that time could not appreciate what became acceptable only one hundred years later (e.g., Bartok), and Mozart had to stop exploring musical directions that provoked public rejection.

In a similar way you can determine the life cycle and remaining growth potential of your product as well as the optimum time to launch the follow-up product. With the demo below you can evaluate and practice the technique on the historical data of a very successful minicomputer model.

You can download this demo software package for free.

This will only take a few minutes (932 kb). It is a self-exctracting file. If you double-click on it, it will create 3 files. To run the program double-click on the file called Scurve.exe.

 (Best viewed with screen resolution 800x600 or less).

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