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Street Science - A Physicist's Wanderings off the Beaten Track, 232 pages, Growth Dynamics, Lugano, 2009. [Paperback]

This is a personal account of true events and real people.

The story revolves around a physicist, disenchanted by hard-science research that veers off the beaten track but cannot shun being scientific even when faced with esoteric and spiritual endeavors. He becomes aware of the fact that fundamental truths expressed by scientific laws enter daily life in subtle and ubiquitous ways that people might exploit without necessarily being conscious of it. When his therapist suggests that a bigger apartment might reduce conjugal quarrels, he is reminded of the ideal gas law, which stipulates that increasing the volume decreases the temperature and pressure. Could this therapist have gut knowledge of the laws of physics?

The book's protagonist maintains a physics-applied-to-life approach while he wanders away from science. He thus unearths secrets such as Mozart probably dying because he was getting close to having exhausted his potential for innovation in music, and couples consisting of identical partners being intrinsically unstable. But in all cases there is a remedy, or what could have been one at the time.

In the style of a twenty-first century version of Plato’s dialogues the reader discovers startling insights on life’s many possibilities and ambiguities, from managing business and personal relationships to finding purpose in one’s existence.

This book will titillate the mind of all science-friendly readers.

A soft-cover copy costs US$29 (free surface shipping in the US). If you are interested in ordering a copy, please make a check to Theodore Modis and send it to: Theodore Modis, Via Selva 8, 6900 Massagno, Lugano, Switzerland.

You can also pay via PAYPAL (tmodis[at]yahoo.com) see below.

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