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Predictions - 10 Years Later, Back Cover

Ten years after these predictions were first made evidence is mounting that society indeed ticks like a clock leaving a telltale signature.


Praise for the work of Theodore Modis

“Impressed by the power of natural growth curves, Modis applies them to everything from the progression of epidemics to the creative potential of geniuses.” Newsweek

“A fascinating technique for making forecasts.” The Futurist

“Interesting, well written, enjoyable, controversial, thought-provoking.” Simon Van der Meer, physicist, Nobel Prize 1984

“A lot of highly selective fun re-invoking much in my own past experience.” George Wald, biologist, Nobel Prize 1967

“You must read this book. It is the most delightful one on forecasting I have encountered in a very long time. Written for the enjoyment of both layperson and professional, it is fascinating and provocative.” Technological Forecasting & Social Change

“[Your book] will help me become an even better dad and husband.” Hamilton Lewis II, stock market analyst

Theodore Modis is founder of Growth Dynamics, a Geneva-based consulting organization for leading international companies. Prior to starting his own firm, Modis was a senior strategy consultant at Digital Equipment Corporation. An internationally recognized futurist, he has a Ph.D. in physics.

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