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Decision-Making for a New World

Decision-Making for a New World: Natural Laws of Evolution and Competition as a Road Map to Revolutionary New Management, 250 pages, Campus Verlag-editionMALIK, Frankfurt. [Paperback]

With a preface in German by Fredmund Malik this is a How-to book concerning the application of natural laws in the world of business. The first part of the book, Theory and Practice, presents the theory behind the natural laws considered and illustrates how they can be applied in real-life situations. The second part, Methods and Tools, demonstrates how to proceed in general with a customer engagement from the very beginning. Detail technical advice is given on how to fit S curves and how to employ the Volterra-Lotka equations using EXCEL. All along case studies illustrate the approach describing real engagements and including projects involving MZSG customers. For the science-friendly reader the Appendix includes rigorous mathematical formulations for the natural laws invoked in Part I and for the Excel-based curve-fitting procedures described in Part II.

The reader will also find in here detailed instructions on how to use other offerings from Growth Dynamics such as, Where Are You on the Curve and What to Do about It, Competition Management, and Event Enhancement.

From the back cover:

In previous books Theodore Modis has presented a fascinating new way to understand society and ourselves by applying fundamental scientific concepts to predicting social phenomena. He has also explained how his unique theories can be applied to business providing today's business people with tools for finding solutions to the challenges of today's ever-changing, unpredictable and volatile business environment. Now he goes into the practical and technical details on how consultants and science-friendly businesspersons who are willing to «get their hands dirty» can do that. He uses real-life examples, case studies, and detailed step-by-step procedures.

The book can be bought online at Amazon.com.

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