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Fortune Favors the Bold

Fortune Favors the Bold - A Woman's Odyssey through a Turbulent Century, published by ibidem Press on October 30, 2018, 404 pages. ISBN: 3838211979

This is a personal account of true events and real people.

In early 20th century, a young teenage Greek girl in Constantinople loses both her parents and, together with her younger sister, gets thrown into a massive population exchange between Greece and Turkey. She ends up in a refugee camp in northern Greece. With determination she creates a life in her new country, becoming a teacher in a small mountain town near Greece's northwestern boarders with Albania and Yugoslavia. She meets and marries a young lawyer from a historic and tragic Macedonian family. Her story extends through a century of war and peace and is peppered with likeable characters, horrific events, and a love story. Among the protagonists are two strong women, a charming and indomitable man, and a smart but sickly kid. Now and again her drive, perseverance, and common sense will save the day and reward her with happiness, which nevertheless will come and go like sunshine interludes in an endlessly stormy weather.

The reader will also get candid and authentic glimpses on poorly known historical conflicts such as the Balkan Wars, the world's greatest ethnic cleansing, the occupation loan that the Nazis exacted from Greece, the Greek Civil War, the Turkish invasion of Cyprus, and the dispute over the use of the name Macedonia.

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The book can be obtained from online and other bookstores: Amazon (USA; UK; CA; AU; DE); and ibidem Press.

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Editorial reviews:

“A woman's amazing life”
Nicholas A. Gage, author of bestseller Eleni

“A remarkable, moving, and informative story. A must read for anyone with an interest in Greece or simply in human nature.”
Athanasios G. Konstandopoulos, Chairman of the Board and Managing Director, Center for Research and Technology Hellas

“This fascinating family saga brought to life a region and events that I knew little about. I highly recommend it.”
Joe McMahon, author of The Face of God

“This book offers readers an immersive experience, a chance to discover what life was like in Greece during much of the 20th century through one woman's life.”
The Book Review Directory

“A heart-breaking yet endearing look at the realities of war for one couple and their family, this novel proves the simple bonds of education and family are the strongest. It is a unique human-interest piece, showing everyday Greek life before, during, and after WWII.”
InD'tale Magazine

“A wonderful book!”
Chris Ransford, author of God and the Mathematics of Infinity

“This book could very well become an amazing television series as well as a movie”
Kostas Vakkas, movie director/author/producer

Historical documents:

Open here a PDF file with pictures related to the book's story; use the password given in the last paragraph of "A Note from the Author" in the book.

Short video of Churchil on Greeks fighting Italians; mentioned on Page 196 in the book.

Short video on Theodoros Modis; described early in the book.

Folkloric grassroots song about the assassination of Theodoros Modis; mentioned on Pages 49 and 354 in the book.

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