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Natural laws shed new light in business strategy, forecasting, the stock market, and decision-making.

  • Where are you on the curve and what to do about it?
  • What should you trust more your instinct or your rationale?
  • What is your competitive role in the marketplace?
  • What is the right image and the most effective advertising message?
  • Should you differentiate or counterattack?

  • About Theodore Modis


    A Second Lease on Life
    This package helps you fit an S-curve on your own data in a quantitative and user-friendly way.
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    Where Are You on the Curve and What to Do about It
    This software package helps you decide on the most appropriate strategies.
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    Preprints of all of my publications can be accessed in OSFPREPRINTS.

    NEWSLETTER: The Growth Dynamics Newsletter came into existence in mid 1999 and ceased publication in mid 2005. It produced weekly stock-market forecasts and featured monthly discussions of general interest.
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    Using such scientific concepts as natural selection and homeostasis forecast studies can extend the future horizon reliably.
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    Business Strategy
  • When exactly is the best time to launch a new product or invest in new ventures?
  • How should ways of decision-making evolve as a company moves across its cycle?
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